We provide comprehensive legal research services in any area of the law one can imagine. We specialise in common law countries but may be able to refer to our colleagues from civil law jurisdictions in certain cases. 


Our clients are always clear on the pricing method, calculation of our fees and what they obtain in return. We work either on a fixed fee or an hourly basis. Competitive rates with reliable services. We do not charge you for the knowledge that a lawyer is presumed to possess. 


We have experience in settling disputes before they progress any further, with escalation costing our clients more expense. Equally, when litigation is inevitable, we fight tooth and nail to obtain the best possible outcome in any dispute. We tell our clients the chances of success so they make an informed decision as to whether to proceed further before the point of no return. 


We have certified staff members to bring your business in line with the requirements of the most demanding legislation to have arrived in the EU in the past 20 years, relating to personal data protection and compliance. 

     Tip of an iceberg

This is just the tip of an iceberg in terms of the services that we provide. Our services include anything from analysing and negotiating a simple commercial contract to commercialising IP rights and settling disputes in civil courts or arbitration around the world. Tax, corporate structures, employment, immigration, landlord and tenant, as well as consumer protection - we do not shy away from work of any complexity and depth. We thrive when others crumble under pressure. 

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