British/UK limited company for sale. 23% of equity, ideal investment

British company for sale.


The company is run by 1 x banker and 1 x lawyer.

The company is located in the City of London (Financial District of London).

The company will pay an annual dividend of 4%.

The company is 15+ years old. (established in 2006)

The company has business bank accounts.

Funds will be used to expand the business.


We are ready to offer 23% of the equity in the business.


The business:

The company is a business specialising in providing access to invaluable professional information on money markets including technical and fundamental analysis, banking, legal, educational and mentoring programs.
The founder has more than 14 years of experience in banking, sales, marketing, managing a branch of 10 employees. Being a private banker and serving high street bank clients and marketing bank products for years, makes the transition to owning and running a business offering specialised financial products and services a natural step.


The market:

The company’s typical customers are:
Wealthy individuals, investment clubs, professionals who would like to have a set standard of education and training offered to them, students, and clients who would like to emigrate to Western Europe.
Overall anyone who needs a quality level of banking and other financial services.
We will attract new customers by offering competitive, high-quality products and services with an attractive bonus system.



We've developed a proprietary trading system which can easily be integrated with the Apple store plus Google Play. (check the video next to images).
£20,000 will be used to hire an IT specialist to help us build the app, £10,000 to market our services.
We have got international clients from Hong Kong.
In the past two years we've successfully trained over 30 students.



The first objective is to establish its trading name in the market and to increase sales and profitability. The main objective is to reach £82,000 turnover in the first year of operation with prospective £112,000 annual turnover and £55,000 net profit in the year two and to attract £128,000 of sales in the third year of operation, with a net profit of £63,261.

We are in the business of providing banking, educational, mentoring, and retail services. We aim to provide excellent customer service from start to finish.
Our objective for the company is to develop a strong presence in the market needed to support sales goals and to increase profitability.
We will develop a repeat business of loyal customers to create sufficient turnover.
We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to remunerate the owner(s) and the shareholders.

Raised capital will be used to:

I) market and licence our EA robot.
II) within the first year, we'll apply for a European FinTech banking licence to offer PSD2 and TIPS services and a consumer credit licence.



Positive feedback from over 30 clients.

The team consists of a private banker and a lawyer.

We've been profitable for the past 6 months (during challenging times lots of businesses have gone under, we on the other hand managed to stay afloat).


Expected ROI within five years will be in the range of 50%.


Price £200.000



Feel free to give us a call

on 0203 868 9491

mob: 07940 423777

mob: 07546 927433


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